Workforce as a Service

  • The customer has a requirement for a transformation project, early engagement with your workforce provider is the best, most efficient time to start the partnership; it’s not critical but late engagement does not allow enough time to gather the relevant information to build the correct approach.


    Defining the requirement phase with Rizon Associates allows our team to frame the scope correctly, and prepare the individual or build the team to fully scope the solution.


    We also have the capability to offer program delivery, full or light project management and co-ordination from our sibling company Rizon Solutions.

  • The scope is the most critical stage in the process and is either defined fully by the customer or can be defined in conjunction with the resource (if the customer is unsure of the process). This is the stage responsible for defining the roles and responsibilities, the stages and phases and ultimately the outcome of the engagement.


    It is at this stage the granular nature of the skills required are defined and an estimate is generated for the cost of time and materials.


    Rizon Associates can provide assistance through maintaining a team of internal project and program delivery managers with skill sets in IT, Telco, Manufacturing, Retail and Construction.

  • Rizon maintain a portfolio of industry specialists and sector professionals we have worked with directly or indirectly throughout our careers. We value quality, reliability and trust above all things when working with our partners, customers and associates.

    Again this is further justification for early engagement allowing us to confirm availability of the right individuals for the successful delivery of the project or program.

    Because we maintain an internal team of technical project managers we genuinely vet our associates for not only certification but for their experience and success with certain tasks or technologies.

    Rizon Associates do not body-shop, if we cannot cover your requirement with trusted personnel, we will not take on the engagement.


  • The engagement is the project life-cycle made manifest. Once the scope is agreed and the individual or team selected, the delivery begins in earnest. The most important task is ensuring the resource has all of the tools and materials to deliver the solution and remain committed to the outcome.


    We want to keep our partners and associates happy when they are on an engagement for us and we like to support them to the best of our ability.


    Rizon are also aware that not all solutions can be delivered as a single engagement, we endeavor to ensure continuity of resource phased or stages deployments.

  • Ultimately it’s all about the outcome.

    An accurate scope, allows for the acquisition of the correct resource that facilitates the desired result. Customer satisfaction is critical to Rizon for all parties concerned, our customers, our partners, our associates and our internal team.


    Management and monitoring may feel bureaucratic and cumbersome at the time but it is essential to maintain control and communication to ensure the smoothest delivery possible.


    It really is ultimately “all about the outcome”.

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Simplifying Resourcing

Business is becoming ever more dependent on technological solutions, for a company to remain agile there is a need to respond quickly to trends and implement new services rapidly and efficiently.


As a technical resource company, we understand your business has requirements for specialist skills you may not retain in house. In these times of austerity, you need the ability to ‘switch on’ capability as and when you need it.


Tried and tested, and ultimately reliable, we enable our customers to confidently supplement their workforce at short notice and with the peace of mind that tasks will be completed.


Let us introduce you to one of our core offerings,  Workforce as a Service!

For more information and specific case studies,

The Rizon Approach

With many years of in-house experience, we’ve been delivering tomorrow’s workforce and a clear competitive advantage to organisations. With an attentive ear, a collaborative approach and unrivaled expertise, we align outsourced strategies with strategic business goals to drive results.


Whether clients require continuous, non-continuous, generalist or specialist skills, we build highly customised, high-impact solutions around specific needs.


Resourcing is about meeting the demands of both today and tomorrow. So we pre-empt resource pressures and anticipate exceptional events to help clients stay ahead in an environment of continual change.


At Rizon, we create efficiency with processes but deliver value through our quality of service, Energy, passion and a desire to exceed customer expectations.

We thrive on meeting the challenges and needs of our Customers and Partners.

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